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Episode 14

In this episode we cover misunderstandings of the Great Commission, Witnessing among Pagan belief systems, voodoo, Yoga, and some good jokes.

Episode 13

How can we know that the Bible has not been changed over the past few thousand years? This episode talks about the history of the Biblical canon, and how the Bible came to be the 66 books that we have now.

Episode 12 - One Year Birthday

Episode 12 celebrates the One Year Anniversary of Gospel Defenders! Our special guest is Wrestling legend and Evangelist George South. Our main theme for this episode is evangelism.

Acceptable Service

The Story of God

In this episode, we talk about fond Christmas memories, if Bible translations are inspired, and then conclude our analysis of Andy Stanley's sermon, "The Bible Told Me So."

THANKSGIVING MINI-EPISODE! - 5 Weird Things We are Thankful For - Bella Witnessing to a Jewish Friend - Gavin Witnessing on Playstation! - We affirm against the Papists! - Origins of Christmas, and Christmas Trees.

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